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Courtroom Video Services In Oklahoma City, OK

Over these many years, people repeatedly tell me that I bring great value for their dollar, frequently planting productive ideas and helping tip the balance in their cases. At Courtroom Video, your satisfaction is my goal — and it all begins with a phone call. Contact me today to learn more about our wide range of courtroom video services in Oklahoma City, OK.

Video Depositions & Courtroom Playback

Recording and delivering quality video depositions at reasonable prices remains my top priority. Whether home in Oklahoma or traveling around the United States on behalf of clients, Courtroom Video brings intelligence and attention to detail to every video depositions. I also make sure to use your preferred delivery method to ensure you receive what you want.

Most attorneys want depositions recorded for use at trial when a witness won't be available. Today, some lawyers also use video depositions as a tool for gathering clips that are shown during both mediation and trial, and they are a legal video production. I have been doing this for clients during trial for years. I'd take a box of individual tapes loaded with specific clips pre-edited for the most effective cross-examination for video courtroom playback.

Additionally, some attorneys insist that their clients be videotaped to prevent unfair or overly harsh behavior by opposing counsel during questioning. The objective qualities of properly video depositions are incalculable. While the primary use remains to preserve the testimony of witnesses who are absent, a significant benefit also includes the ability to study witness' answers in the post-deposition analysis.


With court-ordered mediation being a part of most litigation these days, I help attorneys and their clients by drawing on my vast experience in covering every aspect of a case using my courtroom video services. Rely on me to respond with rapid precision and an absolute dedication to helping you get where you need to be.

I'm the expert you want on your side, with great experience in courtroom video services that are legal video production for video courtroom playback. I work with you to illustrate complex liability issues or show damages in unforgettable clarity.

A Day in the Life

Vivid and powerful, day-in-the-life documentaries offer honest testimonials about individual moments throughout a person's day. Their fragments could never be recreated in a courtroom — but with my experience using courtroom video, they can be preserved and presented in a meaningful way. United States federal case law regarding the admissibility of day-in-the-life documentaries was established over 30 years ago with one of my edited pieces as the evidence. The skills and techniques I bring to each of our unique pieces are another reason why choosing the leader in day-in-the-life documentaries is important for your case.